Unicorn’s Hat (early reader)

  Unicorn wants a hat but none of the ones he tries fit. What will he do?

Two for Tennis (early reader)

Ron loves tennis but who will play?

Sprog the Time Hopping Frog (chapter book)

Sprog is the world’s first time-hopping frog. But when a T-Rex damages his time-hopping gadget he finds himself stuck in Ancient Greece. How will he get home?

The Greenwood Adventurers (chapter book)

Marion is sent away to school – but this a school with a difference! She learns how to track animals and fire a bow and arrow but when the Sherriff finds out there is trouble! See

Pharaoh’s Treasure (early reader)

One boy’s search for a Pharaoh’s hidden treasure. Available to order from all good bookshops or

Battle for Freedom (chapter book)

One tribe girl’s bid to help Boudicca. Available to order from all good bookshops or

The Howling Stones (chapter book)

The wolves’ sacred meeting place is under threat. Can woodland guardian, Randall Wolf save it?   Available from all good bookshops or

Run, Bean, Run (early reader)


Bean escapes. Where does he run? For more details see

Boom Boom Pirates (early reader)


Captain Tiptoe cannot sleep. His crew are too noisy. Then he comes up with a cunning plan to get them to go to bed. For more details see.

Chick-a-boo (early reader)


Hen is in a flap when her cheeky chick goes missing on the farm. For more details see

The Tractor Factor (early reader)

Scotty Sheepdog wants his red tractor to be in the farm’s talent show. But tractors can’t be in talent shows or can they? For more details see

Unicorn Training (picture book)

A story about patience and the love of a pet. For details see

Mole in Goal (early reader)


Mole loves football but he has trouble seeing the ball. How will he ever be able to join a team? For details see

A Knit and a Knot (early reader)


A Knit and a Knot

A Knit and Knot, the third in the Granny Mutton yarn series.
When Granny’s wool goes missing Little Lionel and Rocky become detectives to find it.
ISBN 978-1-84886-219-7

A-Box-of-Socks-CoverA Box of Socks

Granny Mutton and Little Lionel are back in a new yarn. Granny knits some socks for the farmyard friends but Little Lionel gets them in a muddle. How will he deliver them to the right animals?

ISBN 978-1-84886-170-1
Available from Amazon and all good bookshops.

“The story is a fantastic starting point for an early years game of sock sorting/matching.” review Jill Bennett Red Reading Hub

Layout 1A Box of Socks – (early reader)

ISBN 978-1-84886-227-2
Available from Amazon and all good bookshops (June 2016)

A-Scarf-and-a-Half-CoverA Scarf and a Half

The first Granny Mutton story. Granny knits Little Lionel an overly long scarf. He’s not impressed until his friends show him how to have a laugh with a scarf.

“It teaches children to appreciate not only gifts but the importance of family and friends” – review

ISBN 978-1-84886-116-9
Available from Amazon and all good bookshops.

A Scarf and a Half – (early reader)

An Early Reader version of A Scarf and a Half is now available.

The story of Little Lionel and his overly long scarf has been adapted from the original picture book so children make the transition from listener to reader.

ISBN 978-1-84886-177-0
Available from Amazon and all good bookshops.