Guided Reading for home schoolers

When families are self-isolating or home schooling, there’s no better time to share a story or two. There are plenty of fantastic reads available with follow-up activities to spark children’s imaginations. When learning to read children need plenty of practice and lots of encouragement which hopefully will lead to a life long love of reading.

All my Maverick titles – A Scarf and a Half, A Box of Socks, A Knit and a Knot, Mole in Goal and new title The Tractor Factor are early readers, suitable for children learning to read. The books contain quizzes, are Lexile levelled and AR rated.

Who could resist titles such as Preposterous Rhinocerous by Tracy Gunaratnam, A Right Royal Mess by Rachel Lyon or The Great Pants Robbery by Heather Pindar. For the full early readers list see

My picture book Unicorn Training published by is also part of a range of books with teacher and parent notes to help make reading with your child a fun experience.

All books are available to order online including Hive or Book Depository.