Warm Reviews for A Box of Socks

Granny Mutton’s latest yarn A Box of Socks is attracting some warm reviews and inspiring some interesting sock-related activities. Here are a few of the comments.

“A Box of Socks is a sock-tastic story. A fabulous woolly adventure that is fun to read aloud. My kids loved seeing all the animal antics after they received the wrong socks.” – Melissa from Honey Bee Books

“The story is a fantastic starting point for an early years game of sock sorting/matching.” – Jill Bennett Red Reading Hub

“A fun little tale of friendship, helping out and warm woollens.” – Read it Daddy.

“A Box of Socks shows children how important it is to help our family and friends.” – Parents in Touch

Melissa from Honey Bee Books found the book inspired her children to help with the laundry when they played a sock matching game. Here are my other ideas for sock fun.
* Sock puppets.
* Roll up pairs of socks and practise throwing skills by aiming them in a box.
* Gather a big pile of socks then race to see who can put on as many as possible.
* Recycle an old pair of socks as wrist bands. Cut off the toe and heel parts so you are left with the ankle section. Sew any ragged edges. A great re-use for a favourite pair of worn out children’s character socks.