Scribblings from the Sheep Shed

Who would have thought a knitting loving sheep would have encouraged me to dust off my needles and wool to create a 13 ft long scarf or think up wacky games using socks.

In creating Granny Mutton I have discovered new talents.

It shows how one character or story line can spark a host of other creative activities and enjoyment too.

I shall have to watch what activities my characters undertake, though. If Granny Mutton decides to knit a parachute that could be a leap too far!

Want to think up a memorable character? Here are five ideas to consider.

  • Name
  • Physical description – Are they tall, short, thin, plump.
  • Annoying habits or physical quirks. Think about the one thing that makes them different – it could be they bite their nails or have an annoying habit of eating pickled onions.
  • Think of small details which set them apart, perhaps an unusual hobby.
  • Choose one thing the character wants more than anything else – give them a goal.